Perennial pasture establishment – soil and biochar effects on success

This trial is currently in progress

Key Messages

  • This trial aims to establish perennial pastures within a background of annual pastures in areas subject to enroaching salinity and poor soil structure.
  • Trial Rationale
  • Steps Taken
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Looking Forward

Trial Rationale

The trial will:

  1. Demonstrate the comparative success of establishment of different perennial pasture species under each districts practice grazing;
  2. Increase the knowledge of how to successfully establish perennial pastures compared to current annual pastures over 2 sites;
  3. Demonstrate soil health changes under different pasture species; and
  4. Show the robustness of the perennial pasture system by running the trial over 2 locations.

Steps Taken


Lessons Learnt


Looking Forward




Project Snapshot

NRM Region:
Average Rainfall:
Medium - 325-450mm
Enterprise Mix:
Mixed crop and sheep
System Constraints:
Compaction, Declining organic matter, Dryland Salinity, Low soil carbon, Poor soil biology, Water Erosion
Wheatbelt NRM
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